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The difference between full service planning and wedding coordination

September 27, 2021
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One of questions that we get asked frequently is what is the difference between full service planning and wedding coordination? What is included in the respective services? You might remember playing dress up, reading fairy tales, watching all those Disney movies, and you already have an idea of what your dream wedding will be like as you’re growing up. Or you could be on the other side of the spectrum where you never gave it too much thought of what you would like for your wedding as long as you’re with the ones your love. Whether it’s a fully dreamed up wedding, one open to any style, or somewhere in between, there is a difference in the way you can best use our services. 

The Services

In general, wedding services are broken down into 3 big groups; wedding coordination, partial planning, and full service and destination wedding. However, as destination wedding is quite similar to our full service, we will focus only on wedding coordination and full service in this post. Depending on your location, style, and number of guests, one of these services may be more suitable for you compared to the other ones. We will discuss the differences between the two services and will suggest which brides are more suited to use that particular service. 

Full service planning details for a destination wedding

Wedding coordination

Wedding coordination, also known as month of planning for some planners, is the service that focuses more on the coordination for the actual wedding day. Beginning from a few months out from your wedding, we contact and communicate with all your vendors so that we are all on the same page. We create a timeline of the day and make sure everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. From beginning to the end of the day, we make sure you and your guests are well taken care of and give you all the time to create lasting memories. 

Who is this for?

This service will most likely benefit the couples who have a lower guest count (approx. 40-60 guests) and have minimal to no decorations. Couples who choose this service wants to enjoy the day without having the worries of schedules or communicating with various vendors. The couple can fully enjoy their time with each other and celebrate it to the fullest.

Full Service Planning

As the name states, this is a full service planning service that begins when you decide to have us join you on this journey. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about this service is that they won’t be able to plan their own wedding. Some couples worry that they might not have full control over the design and which vendors to use, and others are worried they will miss out on the whole planning process. We understand those concerns and we want to say that even with full service, you will still very much be planning your wedding. 

A way to explain the role that we do in your planning journey is similar to that of a concierge at a hotel. As a hotel concierge who knows the best places to visit, makes the arrangements and reservations, and ensures the guests can enjoy their stay to the utmost, we do the same for your wedding.

Listening to the ideas you want for your wedding, the style you are looking for, we suggest various options and vendors for you to choose from. We do research and present you with the choices that you would like for your wedding. The ultimate decision is still in your hands, we just narrow it down for you so you don’t have to go through hundreds if not thousands of vendors. From there, we make sure everything flows and harmonizes together to create that wedding that is uniquely yours. 

Who is this for?

This is for the couple who wants to enjoy some parts of the planning, but not all the research and communication that is needed when finding various vendors. While couples who have longer engagements (9 months or more) usually benefit the most from this service, those who have a very short engagement (less than 3 months) also benefit greatly from this service as there are a lot of things that needs to be done and confirmed in a short amount of time. 

Full service planning experience for guests and couple.

Hopefully this clarifies some of the common questions we get asked, especially for couples who are debating on which service to go for. Having us for a shorter period of time with the wedding coordination plan or choosing us to be your personal wedding concierge with the full service, our focus remains the same.

A wedding is more than just the ceremony and reception.  To us, it’s an experience for you and your guests. It’s also about the feeling and style that is left with your guests and having a planner can help you bring your wedding experience to the next level.  We’re here with you on this journey to ease the confusion, frustration, and stress that often disrupt couples as they plan their wedding. 

If you would like more details or have more questions, get in touch with us here and would love to chat with you.

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This post was first published on December 18, 2019.

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