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Engagement rings in Vancouver

August 16, 2023
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You’ve found the special someone and you can’t wait to put the engagement ring on their finger. But just like the clothes you wear, the kind of interior design you prefer, everyone’s idea of an engagement ring will be different. Sometimes the bride to be will slide in subtle, or not so subtle, hints of what kind of ring she would like. But sometimes if the proposal is a total surprise, perhaps there are no hints. While we can’t tell you what style will suit your bride, as Vancouver wedding planners, can suggest where to buy an engagement ring in Vancouver.  

Hands holding Vancouver engagement rings
Photo by Jill Roberts of Evorden Rings for Nova Ring Box Campaign.

Where to buy engagement rings in Vancouver?

There are a number of stores in Vancouver that carry engagement rings and wedding bands. If you are looking for a classic ring with a brand name, there is the ever classic, Cartier, Harry Winston, and Tiffany & Co. But for our list today, as we are focusing on purchasing a ring in Vancouver, we will be sharing 5 Vancouver based jewellery stores with many that we have worked together before.

Top 5 Jewelry Stores in Vancouver for Engagement Rings

1. Cavalier

bride wearing Cavalier Gastown ring
Photo by Beige Weddings from our Pipe Shop Editorial featuring Cavalier’s ring.

A popular choice for many of our couples, this is a boutique jewellery shop that focuses on custom made rings. If you would like to take part in designing the engagement ring, this is the place for you. You can choose the perfect stone and the setting to create that dream ring. Other than the classic diamond ring, they also specialize in other precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. 

2. Foe & Dear

If you are looking for a jeweller that is also eco conscious and sustainability, then Foe and Dear just might have your ring. They have a unique process where you can design your ring all online through their website. With a variety of stones to choose from and settings to customize, you can design it all without leaving the comfort of your home. If you are looking to leave the designing to someone else or you would like to have the ring in a shorter time frame, they have a wide range of rings with different designs and stones that are ready for purchase. 

3. Leah Alexandra Jewelry

Leah Alexandra ring styled on plate
Photo by Alexandra Vonk featuring Leah Alexandra’s ring from our editorial in Portugal.

This shop began at a kitchen table in a Vancouver apartment and now has grown to be internationally known and worn by various celebrities. With their inspiration from travel and the beauty in raw materials, their designs are done in a way to highlight the gems. For the bride that is looking for a stone that is not a diamond, sapphire, emerald, or ruby, they have a wide selection of other gem stones. Beautiful gems like moonstone, opal and rose quartz just to name a few. 

4. Melanie Auld

From taking metal smithing classes to starting her own company, Melaine Auld began her jewellery shop to create pieces that are timeless, start conversations, and tell your unique story. They have a variety of jewellery and accessories, but also a range of made to order rings. There is also a good selection of wedding bands if you are also looking for that further on in your wedding planning journey. From a clean and simple band to one with a more intricate design and stones, perhaps you will find the ring that tells your love story here. 

5. Evorden

Vancouver Bride holding engagement ring box
Photo by Jill Roberts featuring Evorden’s rings for our campaign with Nova Ring Boxes.

Last but not least is a newer jewellery shop that began in 2017. Like many of the other shops, they also do custom engagement rings and have both classic and unique ring designs. They are transparent with how they source their stones and also take pride in sustainability and being ethical. If you are looking for something that is not so modern, you can take advantage of their selection of vintage rings that might be just what you are looking for. Carefully curated, there is a varied selection of these antique beauties. 

Ready to propose

Bride's hand with engagement ring
Photo by Jen Huang Bogan of D+E’s celebration in Santa Barbara.

Rings are a special part of engagement and the wedding itself. Whether it is the beginning of a promise for marriage, or the vow to be faithful and together til the end of time, engagement and wedding rings both represent love and commitment. Like wedding dress shopping, it will take some time to find the one that is just right. But when you do, it will be all the more meaningful and beautiful. 

Now that you have chosen the engagement ring, it’s time for the proposal! Connect with us here if you would like to work with us for your wedding proposal.


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