Honour and Blessing Events was dreamed of and orchestrated by both of us, with the belief that events and weddings should be elegant, breathtaking, and remarkable. As event and wedding planners, we believe that organization is just as important as design, trends can complement traditions – and the journey is as meaningful as the day itself.


We understand how much trust you give us as we take part in your special day. This gift of trust is something we take great care in preserving because we understand that it is a one time gift and trust is essential to our roles as your event or wedding planners. As we work together with you, we strive to deliver events that are professional, refined and created based on your unique dream and style. We are here not only as your planner – but also as your detail expert, etiquette connoisseur, and confidant on this journey leading to your special day.

Why we plan

From musical productions to fashion shows to corporate events, we have always been fascinated with what happens behind the scenes. We are mesmerized by the intricate planning and execution that is needed to ensure that the production or event goes smoothly. While there are numerous kinds of events, weddings hold a special place in our hearts.

However, regardless if we are planning a wedding or another celebration, we want to create something that leaves a lasting impression and a happy memory; something that is breathtaking because we see that, often in life, it’s not about the “number of breaths that we take, but the moments that take our breath away.”

The Sisters

Growing up as sisters, we have experienced the truth behind “two are better than one” and it is a concept that we bring to Honour and Blessing. Although we are often mistaken as twins, we are actually quite different, reflected in the various aspects of the events and weddings that we are each responsible for. We also use our interests and strengths to harmonize and balance each other.


Photography:  Chikae O.H.

  • Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, educated in Edinburgh
  • Favourite season… Winter
  • Favourite pastime… Learning and playing music
  • Favourite wedding moment… When the music begins
  • Most romantic city… Vienna
  • Dreamy Pairing… Lychee + Rosewater



  • Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, educated in New York
  • Favourite Season… Summer
  • Favourite pastime… Making desserts to share with family and friends
  • Favourite wedding moment… When everyone celebrates as the couple exits
  • Most romantic city… Venice
  • Dreamy Pairing… Sunset + Soft Jazz


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