...to include a wedding tea ceremony at your wedding and your wedding is coming up in a few months. As with most Asian parents, they expect you to figure out how everything will go by giving you the ever vague instructions and details. There are already a million details on the wedding planning to do list and now we have this extra thing. What do I need to prepare for the tea ceremony?

Your mother just asked you...

Or, you might be the bride that has some idea of what a tea ceremony includes. Having seen a tea ceremony in action as a bridesmaids or from the random Chinese dramas that you passed by in the living room. Having grown up with Chinese parents, you know this tradition is sometimes desired by parents at weddings, and you want to make sure you have all the information you need to include one for your own wedding – so that it is proper, your parents will be happy, and it will fit in with the rest of your wedding. 

Over the years, as wedding planners we have heard different variations of brides and their parent’s requests for a wedding tea ceremony. We realized that it was very difficult to find practical and detailed information about wedding tea ceremony in English in consolidated form. 

Over 75% of the brides we surveyed, felt there was not adequate information online regarding wedding tea ceremony. 

This course was created for brides so that you can find all the information you need in one place – so that you are ready for your wedding tea ceremony.


Instructor/Principal Planner


Instructor/Principal Planner

Joanna and Sarah are the Principal Planners and owners at Honour and Blessing Events. They both believe traditions are important and can be beautiful. Their work has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge and many more. With experience in helping their couples with Chinese Tea Ceremony they would like to help more couples have a smooth and memorable tea ceremony that will fit in to the wedding day. 



We have had the honour and the blessing to work with different talents in the industry and to have our work featured in
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  • If your parents want you to have a wedding tea ceremony and you don’t know where to begin or unsure of the details 
  • If you’re marrying into a Chinese family and would like to respect your in-laws’ traditions
  • If you want to make sure you’re covering all the aspects of the tea ceremony
  • If you want to learn how to make your tea ceremony fit into your wedding and still have it look beautiful 

Who is this course for?


This course is designed for you to be able to complete over a weekend’s time or if you would like in a day for one sitting. However, we will recommend giving yourself a few more weeks to make sure everything can be executed and you have time to purchase all the supplies you need. 

One of the frequent questions that we often get is how long does the tea ceremony take and when does it happen? We will cover in detail in one of the modules so that you are prepared and can arrange time for one.

This will depend on if the both of you want to have one and also depend on your in-laws. We would say tea ceremony is probably the most popular Chinese wedding tradition (and there are many traditions) to include at weddings.

This online course will be a go at your own pace experience. There will be lessons with slides as we go through the modules. There will also be worksheets and audio clips for what to say so you can be prepared when you serve the tea to your parents and in-laws.  

You’ve tried researching online and all the resources available only cover part of what you’re looking for. If you want to have a smooth tea ceremony and be equipped with the knowledge of what is involved so that your parents and in laws will feel you are prepared then this course is for you.   

Why should you take this course? 

Results after the course:

  • You will have a source of comfort knowing the basics of what happens in a tea ceremony 
  • Have the tools of what to prepare for your tea ceremony
  • Know what your role is and the roles of people involved
  • Save time researching and going through a variety of sources online to figure out what you need to do


Kitty L.

"The course was very easy to listen to, and finishing it in 1 day is do-able. The handouts and examples helped to illustrate specifics of the tea ceremony. I felt more knowledgeable and prepared to help my family members and assistants to prepare themselves for the ceremony."

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