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Behind the Scenes…not just Event and Wedding Planners

July 13, 2017
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The Honour and Blessing  Journal

A warm welcome to our journal! With our love for behind the scenes work and curiosity about other people, we wanted this blog to show you more of the things we do and things we love. We created this blog not only to talk about the work that we do as event and wedding planners, but also who we are. Being an event and wedding planner is one part of our identity, but we also spend a lot of time doing other things that have shaped who we are and how we view this world. Things we hold dear to our hearts, like food and travel, will be making lots of appearances here to show you what we have been doing when we are doing things behind the scenes or just relaxing.

Behind the Scenes

When we think about what “behind the scenes” means to us, our first thought takes us back to the dark and dusty stage at our high school. We can still feel the heavy blackout curtains, smell the paint drying on the background sets, and hear the static in our headsets. We had spent a few years working as the backstage crew for musicals and fashion shows and we fell in love with it.

Before we had the chance to work backstage, we were always curious about how much work and planning was needed to make an entire production flow smoothly. We were fascinated with how they never made a mistake with the spotlights and how sets would change like magic in the dark, unbeknownst to the audience in the front.  As we continued working and gaining more experience in the backstage side of productions, it sparked an interest in us that grew and led us to enter the world of event and wedding planning.

Middle photograph by Kate Price Photography


Come join us in our journey not only as event and wedding planners in Vancouver, but a glimpse into our lives as we travel to different places, fill ourselves with our favorite foods and share with you the things that touches our hearts.

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.



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