Sunset Elopement at Malibu

July 13, 2018
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The Concept

We are so happy that this beautiful shoot is featured on Magnolia Rouge. For this sunset elopement shoot, we wanted it to take place on the beautiful beaches of Malibu- a place where our couple can stroll through the sandy beaches with the rushing waves against majestic rocks. We believe the breathtaking views will be the perfect backdrop for our couple.

Everything about this beach seem to add a stroke of romance and ethereal beauty. The glow of the setting sun slipping down against the jagged rocks, the breeze from the ocean creating wind tossed hair and fluttering the dress.

As these photos were being taken, it seems as if our couple was in a world of their own. Whispering and laughing at things that no one other than themselves had privy of. Dancing and running along the beach to the music and rhythm that only they could hear. Reminiscing and dreaming of stories that they have written and will continue to write together.  

From the loving gazes to the way they kiss and hold each other, their love seem to slowly spill out of their world and touch all of us around them. It was a honour to witness and be a part in capturing the beautiful love for this couple.A love that is as soft as the sand but also as strong as the towering cliffs.

Photography:  Nadia Hung Photography


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