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How to make pretty basket labels

March 24, 2020
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Springing cleaning with hangers and neutrals.

Basket Tags and Labels

It’s our first time sharing about “home projects” on the blog, and we thought it would be fun to show how to make these basket tags or labels that we created. 

Spring has arrived and now is a popular time to do spring cleaning.  But you might be like me, where one of my New Year’s resolution is to “clean my room” and have begun decluttering from January.  Or maybe you’re like many people who have been staying home because of the current situation, and you’re looking for something to do.

As I started cleaning and organizing, one of the things that I read from decluttering professionals is the importance of labeling so things can stay organized.

How to tie on ribbon tags on cotton baskets.

Finding pretty basket tags and labels

Like many people, when I was ready to start labeling my new organizer baskets, I went online to search for label and tag ideas for baskets.  After searching and browsing for hours, nothing seemed to look aesthetically in line with what I was looking for. After being in the wedding industry for a few years, we have collected and stocked up on things here and there so I decided to make my own.

Supplies to make basket labels.

Basket Tags Supplies

At Honour and Blessing Events, we love things with a Fine Art aesthetic so I wanted to create something similar.  Here is what you will need to make tags similar to the ones shown in this post:

  • Thick paper or cardstock
  • Silk ribbons
  • Your choice of a font

Thick paper or cardstock

I decided to go with handmade paper because I like the texture and how it looks.  You might have some at home – for us , we used materials from past shoots and events. If not, you can find some good handmade paper online or you can get cardstock of your choice. 

Silk ribbons

We personally like the texture and quality for silk ribbons and again you might have some left over from bouquets or gifts.  If you have fabric scraps that you would like to use, they will make a great alternative too.


I wanted something that looks personalized and pretty, so I opted for calligraphy fonts.  Creative Market has many handwritten calligraphy fonts at very reasonable prices and we are also huge fans of the artistic fonts produced by Rare Bird Font Foundry.

How to attach ribbon and ties on basket labels.

How to make the tags

The whole process is quite simple.  I found that with the standard box cube baskets (the one I used and featured in these pictures) a good tag size will be 1/3 of a 5X7 paper.  

  1. Download the template below for the 5X7 template.  The 5X7 template is split into 3 sections. Each section is a good surface area to show the content and to hang on to the handle.
  2. Insert your text (ex. laundry, recycle, etc.) and print it out.
  3. Cut along the lines (as shown on the template).
  4. Use a one-hole puncher to punch out the space.  There is a X for the marking. You can also use a paper knife to cut it out. I used the hole puncher in and around the first hole to cover the whole diameter.
  5. Cut approximately about 35-40 cm (14-15 inches) in length of ribbon for each tag. 
  6. Tie the ribbon through the tag and around the handle.  You can view the video below for how we tied the tag. This is just one possible way to tie the tag.

TIP: If possible, make lay the basket/box flat so that it is easier to tie the ribbon.

How to make feminine and clean looking basket labels.

Keeping things organizing

As I’m decluttering and organizing my room this year, one thing I found helpful or motivates me to keep things organized is to have nice and pretty labels and baskets.  Every time when I have to put things away, it’s always nice to see the pretty tags and it makes me want to clean more.   

Another tip is to have fun while organizing.  My favourite part is creating the labels and thinking of ways of “how can I make this area look prettier?” or “what will match with the rest of the room?”.

Did you like this simple resource we put together?  Let us know your thoughts!

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.


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