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European Wedding Venues in California

March 15, 2022
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Are you looking for European wedding venues in California? If you’re looking for some European vibes outside of Europe, California is probably your best choice. This west coast state is a great place to get married and boasts many famous wedding venues in North America. One of the best things about planning a wedding in California (from a wedding planner’s perspective), especially in Southern California, is the amount of sunshine and the beautiful light for photography. 

As both of us have lived and worked in Southern California, it’s no surprise that we love the different things the area has to offer. Not only does California have many great vendors, it is also a hub for many of the wedding industry’s leading vendors – from photography to rentals.

Here are the top 5 luxury wedding venues in California that we think will transport you to Europe.

Top 5 Luxury Wedding Venues in California

1. Sunstone Villa

125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460, United States

Sunstone villa entrance front view
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

The iconic Sunstone Villa is one of the most luxurious venues in California and we love it because it feels as if you’re transported to Tuscany or a sunshine filled destination in Europe.

With many different rooms for getting ready and different options for ceremony and reception, it’s definitely a beautiful place to get married if you’re looking for Villa venuein North America. 

Bride with bouquet walking out from Sunstone villa
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Greenery on side entrance of Sunstone Villa
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

2. Greystone Mansion

905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States

Couple posing at top of Greystone mansion staircase
Photography: Nadia Hung Photography

When you think of LA, your first thought might be Hollywood or Beverly Hills, and probably not a European mansion. Greystone Mansion is a hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles and many people who live in LA aren’t even aware there is such a property. 

We love how versatile this venue space is and every corner is filled with different portrait opportunities. It reminds us of Europe with its stunning architecture and gardens. Click here to see more of this classic and chic engagement session of our couple.

Couple at Greystone Mansion lawn
Photography: Nadia Hung Photography
Couple dancing at European Greystone Mansion
Photography: Nadia Hung Photography

3. Kestrel Park

5200 Armour Ranch Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460, United States

Chairs and floral ceremony at Kestrel Park
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

Kestrel Park is another beautiful venue in California and has a different European ambience compared to the first two venues. We would say it reminds us of French summers in Provence or even an English garden. 

If you’re looking for a garden wedding filled with lush greenery and sunlight, Kestrel Park will be the perfect venue for you.

Kestrel park with building and lavender
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Reception table and chairs setup at Kestrel Park
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

4. San Francisco City Hall

1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

Inside of city hall with European ceilings
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

A very well known and iconic venue, we love San Francisco’s City Hall for its beautiful interiors. It gives the feeling of a beautiful European property, and reminds us of a beautiful museum and gallery.

There are multiple ways to have a ceremony and reception at the City Hall. Whether you’re planning for a smaller elopement or a grand affair, the City Hall is definitely a beautiful space for your event.

Backs of wedding couple walking at SF city hall
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Couple posing under SF European ceiling interior
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

5. Legion of Honor

100 34th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States

Outdoor side view of Legion Honor
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

If you like columns and long outdoor corridors with arches, then you will love Leigon of Honor. It reminds us of the piazzas, like the one main square at Lisbon, and this venue is the perfect classic backdrop for photos.

Legion of Honor is a wonderful place to host a classic and timeless wedding and is a great venue if you love this type of architecture.

Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Newlyweds leaving Legion of Honor
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

Planning your wedding in California

Are you planning to have a European styled wedding at one of these venues or in California? Send us a note here and we would love to chat with you about planning and designing at one of these venues!


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