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Top Caterers in Vancouver

June 21, 2024
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If you have been following us for a while, you know that food and travel plays a huge part in our work and in our lives. Many of our couples and clients love good food and we believe a good food experience is one of the factors that will elevate and set your event apart. So as event planners in Vancouver, we wanted to put together a list of top event caterers in Vancouver.

canapes in cones on wooden stand
Photo by Jen Huang Bogan of D+E’s event in Santa Barbara, CA.

Top 5 Event Caterers in Vancouver

buffet menu by Vancouver caterer
Photo by Amy Teixeira of White Table Catering’s buffet for our couple C+J at UBC Garden.

1. White Table Catering 

One of the best in town, White Table Catering always stays innovative with their offerings and the beautiful way they plate their food. We love what they offer and in the past few years, they have incorporated food stations (ex. tacos, pasta, etc) to enhance the guest experience and to provide something special. Carly and her team are great at what they do and everytime we work together, we know there will be great food and options.

3 different drinks for kids party in vancouver
Photo by Amy Teixeira for twins’ birthday party in Vancouver by Savoury City.

2. Savoury City 

Savoury City is another catering that we love working together with. With friendly staff who are flexible to accommodate our clients’ requests, we know that Savoury City will go above and beyond for us and our clients. For summer parties, they offer a BBQ station, where the chef will barbeque popular items and it was definitely a favourite at our client’s party. 

Photo by Jen Huang Bogan of Savoury Chef’s canapes for J+B’s wedding at Hycroft Manor.

3. Savoury Chef 

As a popular caterer in town for weddings and events, Savoury Chef offers different options and menus for events. We have had the pleasure to work together with Savoury Chef on different occasions and they also have the option of a delivery menu where the canapes are ready to serve or you can heat it in your home. 

4. Cocktails and Canapes

Cocktails and Canapes is another popular choice for events and weddings. We personally love the Asian touches such as the Japanese BBQ station where selected ingredients are cooked on a traditional Konro Grill. Other unique options include Sushi Bar and Dumpling Bar. 

5. Torafuku

A Michelin Guide recommended restaurant, Torafuku offers delicious fusion Asian food. It’s a popular restaurant for their delicious seasonal tasting menus. If you’re looking to have an Asian caterer for your event, Torafuku offers catering services and their menu and offerings will definitely be something special from the usual food your guests have at weddings and events. 

Photo by Jen Huang Bogan of D+E’s event in Santa Barbara, CA.

Catering for your event

Depending on the type of party or event you’re having, having a caterer or not will mainly depend on whether your venue allows catering. Some venues have in house catering already, while others will have different regulations or policies for external caterers. We find that if we want to create a more personalized food menu and dining experience, having an external caterer allows our clients to have a more tailored approach.

If you’re planning an event and have questions about how to have a special food experience, contact us here and we would love to see how we can assist with planning and designing your celebration!


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