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Bridal Shops in Vancouver

May 30, 2024
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The date is set, planning is going well and now it’s time for you to find your wedding dress at bridal shops in Vancouver or where you’re planning to shop. Some brides like to shop and explore while others like to have their wedding planner accompany them and give recommendations. As wedding planners in Vancouver, we share our tips below on bridal dress shopping and the top bridal shops in Vancouver.

bride popping champagne with bridesmaids
Photography by Nadia Hung of our bride E getting ready.

3 Tips for Bridal Dress Shopping

What are some things you should consider before going wedding dress shopping? Here are 3 tips for bridal dress shopping from a wedding planner

  1. The more might not be the merrier

Shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming and we believe having the right support group will make it much more enjoyable. In movies and tv shows, the bride often time goes wedding dress shopping with a whole entourage. This group may include the maid of honour, close friends, siblings, and sometimes the moms from both sides. However, we have seen over the years that having more people with you might not be the best thing.

Everyone will always have their own style and taste and with so many opinions, it can be confusing and distressing. Our suggestion is to limit it to 2-3 people that you are closest and most comfortable with to accompany you. They should also be people who you trust in their opinions. They will be able to give you different perspectives without adding too much stress as you shop. 

  1. Give it a chance

Oftentimes brides have a sense of what style they like and that is a wonderful thing. However, we always suggest our brides to go out on a limb and try on dresses that they might not otherwise consider. There is no harm in trying various styles and more often than not, our brides realise that what they envisioned before going shopping isn’t the dress they ultimately chose. 

Wedding dress shopping is truly the time to have fun and enjoy the process. If you are not on a tight timeline, we recommend going to at least 3 different bridal shops to try on various dresses to see what you really like. 

  1. Prepare before you go 

Proper undergarments can totally change the way a garment fits on a person. While there are many wedding dresses that have built-in bra cups, we always remind our brides to wear appropriate undergarments to the dress shop.

We recommend a nude colour strapless bra and nude underwear. If you are planning to wear some sort of shapewear, it will also be good to bring it along to see how it sits under the gown. Other than undergarments, if you have already purchased your wedding shoes or there are other elements you would like to wear for your wedding (e.g. particular jewellery), it is good to bring it along to see if it goes together with the dress. 

luxury bridal shop in vancouver
Photography by Kat Wilson from our editorial with dress from Union Bridal.

Top 6 Bridal Shops in Vancouver

Where should a bride start shopping and what are some places to buy a wedding dress in Vancouver?

Everly Bridal

849 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6

For the bridal looking for something unique and modern, this one’s for you! Everly is most suited for the fashion and minimal bride but they have a range of various designs. Their dresses tend to be more focused on a clean and simple look. 

Novelle Bridal

1650 W 2nd Ave, Unit 240, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H4

A new addition to the scene, this bridal store began in Edmonton but now has a location in Vancouver. Novelle carries a wide variety of bridal dresses with designers from all over the world. They carry gowns with the classic silhouettes, intricate details as well as romantic and dreamy designs. 

Luxx Nova Bridal Boutique

89 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C3

Specializing in carrying only European bridal designer gowns, Luxx Nova will be a great choice if you love European and classic styles. They also carry Rara Avis, one of our favourite European bridal designers, and is a rare shop in Vancouver that carries beautiful getting ready attire.

Union Bridal

207 W Hastings St Unit 1414, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

Union Bridal carries a variety of styles and often has some up and coming designer dresses. They are fashion focused and tend to have dresses that have a more unique style. 

Bisou Bridal

440 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E2

Bisou carries some of the most well known bridal designers from around the world. They have dresses that are fanicer with fuller skirts and more embellishments. They also have more of the classic wedding dress styles and sophisticated silhouettes.

Rituals of Love Bridal

273 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2R5

For the modern bride who would like a little more details and design elements in their wedding gown, Rituals of Love just might have what you are looking for. With a wide range of designers, they carry a diverse collection of gowns that a modern bride will find fun and interesting

Bride wearing Blammo-Biamo gown from Luxx Nova Bridal.
Photo by Meghan Hemstra of our bride in a Luxx Nova gown.

Top Vancouver Bridal Designer Brands


Founded in 2013 in Vancouver, this wedding dress brand has grown to be known around the world. Truvelle dresses are simple, romantic and for the bride that wants the beautiful dress without all the fuss.


Sister brand to Truelle, these wedding dresses have a similar simple and modern silhouette. However, they are also focused on sustainability and comfort for the bride. 

bride running in gown in vancouver
Photography by Nadia Hung of the KIN collection

Vancouver Based Custom Wedding Gowns

OUMA Couture

With influences from her time in NYC and her own cultural background, Ou Ma created OUMA couture with chic and yet romantic designs. For those looking for a custom dress that has plenty of textures and feminine touches, OUMA couture can create what you are dreaming of. 

If you’re looking for a modern qipao, you might be interested in the KIN collection which we collaborated with OUMA to create for the modern Chinese bride.

Stesha Ho Bridal Couture

If you like the timeless look of lace and silks, Stesha Ho can create the dress of your dreams. Bringing her skills and experiences from Melbourne, Stesha’s designs are classic, beautiful and intricate. 

We love what Stesha created for our bride Diana and Chris for their special day.

Elika in Love

Elika in Love was born in Paris and is based in Vancouver. With a focus on unique designs for the boho bride, those who are looking for a one of a kind dress will be right at home here. 

If you are looking for a dreamy dress, you might like Elika’s dress for our couple’s elopement in Malibu.

New and upcoming Bridal Brands in Vancouver

Aesling Bride

Another sister brand from Truvelle, this local bridal shop focuses on clean lines and simple designs. This is the place if you are a modern bride looking for something minimal and timeless.


Originally Davie and Chiyo, it has now been rebranded and transformed to Tempete. This bridal shop focuses on sustainability and has minimal stock dresses as they are looking to create pieces for each bride. They also design their dresses so that you will want to wear again after your special day. 

bridesmaids fixing gown for bride
Photography by Jen Huang Bogan of our bride J with her bridesmaids.

A Fun Experience

There may be different choices out there and you may not know where to begin dress shopping but we truly believe that wedding dress shopping should be a fun experience! We love assisting our couples and providing suggestions on what kind of dresses will suit their day as we design the wedding for them. If you’re newly engaged, explore our services to see if we are a good fit for your wedding day.

wedding planners in vancouver choosing gowns
Photography by Nadia Hung.
This post was first published on May 19, 2023.

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