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Top 5 Romantic and Luxurious Wedding Venues in Europe

August 28, 2022
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Are you considering a romantic and luxury wedding at a venue in Europe?  Having a destination wedding in Europe has become more popular in the past few years. Europe is known for being romantic and having a luxurious air so naturally many venues will fulfill both traits. As with other places, there are many villas and chateaus that can be a choice for your wedding. We have narrowed down our top 5 venues that we find are grand, luxurious and at the same time romantic.

With old world charm, beautiful architecture, and rich culture, Europe has much to offer for your destination wedding. Not only will you have a unique experience, your guests would likely agree to a trip to Europe as well.  Let’s start our wedding venue tour at our first stop – Italy.

Luxury wedding venues in Europe

Destination Wedding Planner Villa Balbiano front view of main building

Photography: Jen Huang

1. Villa Balbiano

Piazza Cardinal Durini, 22010 Ossuccio CO, Italy

In the recent years in northern Italy, Lake Como has become a prime location for weddings.  With different celebrities gracing the area with their weddings, it’s not a surprise that it has become a popular spot to get married. 

Destination Wedding Planner Villa Balbiano room interior designs

Photography: Jen Huang

Luxury Wedding Venue in Europe Villa Balbiano garden view

Photography: Jen Huang

Villa Balbiano is probably the most prestigious venue in Lake Como, Italy.  It is a huge mansion with beautiful suites filled with marble bathrooms throughout the main building.  On one end of the property you will see the beautiful lake and on the other end you will see majestic mountains. 

As we learned of the property through the owners, the venue is filled with different gems and history.  The dedicated owners keep the villa operated with a standard of being a sought after location to hold weddings and events.  

Click here to see the wedding we planned and designed at this romantic and luxurious wedding venue.

Destination Wedding Planner Villa Cetinale bride and groom walking in garden

Photography: Jen Huang

2. Villa Cetinale 

Str. di Cetinale, 9, 53018 Sovicille SI, Italy

Heading down to the southern part of the country we arrive at Villa Cetinale in famous Tuscany.  This is a Baroque villa and its beautiful gardens are well known.

Destination Wedding Plannner Villa Cetinale courtyard area with archways
Photography: Jen Huang
Destination Wedding Planner Villa Centinale wedding reception in the garden
Photography: Jen Huang

The villas also has thirteen bedrooms on site and offers courses for entertainment such as horse back riding, cooking lessons and pizza making lessons.

With its stunning gardens and beautiful courtyards,  you and your guests will have a wonderful time under the Tuscan sun.  

Romantic and Luxurious Wedding Venue Chateau De Chantilly stunning building with water surrounding

Photography: Alexandra Vonk

3. Chateau de Chantilly

60500 Chantilly, France

Arriving in France, Chateau de Chantilly is filled with grandeur.  If you are looking to have a royal wedding, this chateau will be the choice for you.  With “the second largest collection of antique paintings after Louvre”, and the chosen location for movies such as Marie-Antionette, there are many reasons why there is the air of royalty at this property. 

Luxury Wedding Venue Chateau De Chantilly formal dining room in gold and white
Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey
Destination Wedding Planner Chateau De Chantilly garden wedding ceremony
Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey

Not only are the gardens beautiful, the rooms inside the property are elegant and filled with details.  The property also boasts of having the largest stables in Europe. If you are looking for more variety in your portrait backdrops, this property has many things to offer.

Another bonus is the venue is located approximately 40 km from Paris – making it easily accessible for you and your guests.  

Luxury Wedding Venue in Europe Chateau De Villette grand staircase leading to garden

Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey

4. Chateau De Villette

One, Rue de la Maison Blanche, 95450 Condécourt, France

Another property close to Paris, this romantic and luxurious venue is a 40 minute drive from Avenue des Champs Elysees.   Also a property, by The Heritage collection, you can expect the same grandness and details as Villa Balbiano.

Luxury Wedding Venue Europe Chateau De Villette bride and groom walking down indoor staircase in black and white
Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey
Destination wedding planner Chateau De Villette blue and white dining room
Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey

Just like its sister estate, the chateau is accented with beautiful furniture, suites and this property has two lakes and fountains as well. With different areas throughout this venue, you are able to get many different portraits with you and your guests.

With its prime location, this chateau is a wonderful choice for Paris lovers.

Destination Wedding Planner Chateau De La Huple front view of the main building with plenty of greenery

Photography: Alexandra Vonk

5. Chateau de la Hulpe

Chaussée de Bruxelles 111, 1310 La Hulpe, Belgium

If you are considering a different country other than France and Italy and looking for a similar aesthetic as the venues mentioned above, you might want to consider Belgium.  

Chateau de la Hulpe’s manicured gardens and grand building makes it a wonderful alternative for your wedding in a different country.  The venue is also known to be French inspired.

Destination Wedding Planner Chateau De La Hulpe indoor staircase with greenery
Photography: Alexandra Vonk
Destination Wedding Planner Chateau De La Huple side building view for wedding ceremony
Photography: Alexandra Vonk

A beautiful staircase, a warm courtyard and still having an air of luxury, this venue is a good choice as a backdrop for your wedding.  Approximately a 30 minute drive from the heart of Brussels, this venue is easily accessible for you and your guests. 

Villa or Chateau?

Destination weddings provide a unique getaway experience for you and for your guests.  If you are considering a romantic and luxurious destination wedding at a European venue or would like to learn more about choosing your wedding venue, click here to send us a note and we would love to chat with you!

This post was first published on February 19, 2020.

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