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August 18, 2017
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Photography:  Chikae O.H. 

We like to get to know our couples throughout the planning process and we thought it would be nice if we shared a little bit more about ourselves here.

Instead of writing an elevator pitch or paragraphs about who we are, we thought it would fun to do a quick “10 questions about us” to let you know more about us. We answered these questions separately, so the way we interpreted the question and phrased our answers also gives you a glimpse into our character and personalities. We hope you enjoy these random questions that I thought might be interesting and fun to answer.


1.  Are you named after anyone?

J: Yes, my parents named me after Joanna in the Bible because in Hebrew, it means “God’s gift” and they thought of me as God’s gift to them.

S: In a way I am named after a person; Sarah from the Bible. My parents thought of my Chinese name first, which means to have a lot of faith. When they were looking for an English name, they decided on the name Sarah because Sarah in the bible is one who had a lot of faith in God, something they hoped I will have as well.

2.  As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

J: A teacher.

S: As a child, I wanted to be a doctor. I thought doctors looked so cool with their stethoscope around their neck and I just wanted to help people feel better when they are sick.

3.  What is your favourite fairytale?

J: I don’t really have a favorite fairytale, but if I have to say the fairytale that comes to mind right away, it will have to be Cinderella.

S: My favorite fairytale is probably Cinderella (Disney version). I know the talking mice and pumpkin carriages are all very fairytale like and impossible. But there’s something extra magical in that story yet I find relatable.

4.  If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

J: Enjoy every moment and do the things you love.

S: If I could give my younger self any advice, it would be that many things will change over time. Cherish the time in the present and make lots of memories.


5.  Essential items in your bag?

J: My iPhone, tissue, mints, lip balm

S: Essential items in my bag are my phone, wallet, keys, gum/mint, and tissue.


6.  Where do you like to be when writing or planning something?

J: At a cafe as I find that’s where I am most productive.

S: I like to be at a coffee shop when I’m writing or planning something. I like how there’s sound and activity happening around me, but it’s not overwhelming.

7.  Something interesting that happens often between the two of you?

J: We often have moments of what we like to call “sync”.  When it happens we tend to say the same phrase, at the same time.

S: Something interesting that happens often between us is we often use multiple languages all combined into one sentence when we talk to each other. While we speak a mix of English and Cantonese the most often, you might catch us throwing in some random Mandarin, Japanese, or Korean words when we are talking. It’s something that I think is funny, but I’m sure others think we are very weird.

8.  Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

J: I love surprises!  With the exception of scary surprises of people trying to get me scared but in general I like to be surprised.  A reason might be because I like to give surprises to others and when I’m receiving them, I know it takes a lot of effort to keep it a secret and to also anticipate and figure out what I would like.

S: I am someone who dislike surprises. One of the main reasons why I don’t like surprises is because I feel like I don’t give a good reaction. I just stand there with a blank look on my face, even if I am happy with the person/people have prepared. Because of that, I feel bad for those who spend so much effort and time for the surprise because I can’t even look happy or thankful for them.

9.  Is your glass half empty or half full?

J: Always half full 🙂

S: The glass is half full. The first time I heard this question in elementary school, I thought to myself, “What else can the glass be other than half full?” It never crossed my mind that the glass is also half empty.

10.  What’s your favourite way to spend your free time?

J: I like to watch dramas, get massages, or doing something music related (playing piano, going to concerts, or listening to music).  I also like to travel and go visit museums and art galleries so that I am learning something new.

S: My favourite way to spend my free time depends on how tired I’m feeling. If I’m not too tired, I love baking or making desserts for my family and friends. There’s a sense of fulfilment and happiness when I see them enjoy what I make. If I am tired, I like to just sit in front of my laptop and watch Youtube clips or read random articles online.

Photography:  Chikae O.H.

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.



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