Our top 3 cafes in Vancouver

September 15, 2017
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As wedding planners, one of the best thing is that we can basically work from wherever we are. Sometimes we like to work at home, sometimes at the hotel if we’re traveling, or even at the library if we are feeling nerdy or wanting a very quiet place to work. As we have mentioned before, our favorite place is the cafe where we like to spend time working, planning or writing. 

There’s something about working at a cafe that makes us more productive than anywhere else, and I think it probably has to do with the atmosphere of a cafe. At a cafe, there’s usually music and chatter in the background that helps me focus as I’m working. I know some people need absolute silence when they study or work, but that has never worked well for me.

Other than spending time at a cafe working independently, we also use it as a place to have meetings between the two of us as well as with our clients. Having meetings at a cafe is good for us because being in cafe and talking about future plans or ideas always come easier and various things inspire us from the cafes. Of course we can also have these meetings at home or as Joanna loves doing – in the car when the drive is longer.  But cafes are still our ideal choice.

We also choose to meet our clients at cafes. The word ‘meetings’ can often come off as something that people dread going to, especially in the corporate world. So for us, when we meet up with our clients for the initial meeting, for event or wedding planning discussion, or anything else, we want it to be somewhere comfortable.

We’re so thankful that over the years Vancouver has started to open up more cafes around the city. Not only are the big coffee chains opening more locations, but smaller coffee shops with unique drinks or decor can be found in various neighbourhoods. With the abundance of coffee shops around, we would like to share 3 of our favorite ones that we like to go when we are working or having a meeting.


1.  Olive + Ruby

Located along the busy street of West Broadway, we like going to this cafe when we also want  a bite to eat. While they are known for their healthy acai bowls and smoothies, their avocado toast is what we order. Simple and fresh, it’s one of the perfect food to snack on when we are typing away on our computers. Other than the food, the beautiful greenery on their walls and their iconic swing in their front window creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

2.  Rocanini

Richmond is known for the vast number of places to eat and drink. However, while there are numerous places for desserts or bubble tea, there is only a handful of cafes where there is enough seating or quiet enough for a meeting. When we are in Richmond, we like to go to Rocanini by Steveston. With white walls, spaced out sitting, and cold brew in the summer, we love spending time here. One of our favorite things is how there are windows all around the cafe to let in natural light and a high ceiling so the cafe never really feels crowded.

3.  Khave

Khave is definitely one of the smaller cafes we usually go to and it can be hard to find a table. What it lacks in space, they make up in their location and our prefered minimalist interior design. There’s also a small area on the side where you can find interesting home decor and kitchen supplies. Our favorite part of this cafe is their large windows at the front of the store that makes it a good people watching spot. While this place isn’t one we go often for meetings, the style of the cafe makes it our choice of cafe when we want to work on some planning ideas or writing.

These are just 3 of the cafes we like to visit, and there are definitely more on our ever growing list. Maybe you’ve been to one of the 3 cafes we mentioned or you’re thinking about visiting here some time soon. Perhaps you’ll even see us there planning the next event or wedding at one of these cafes.

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.


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