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I’m a bridesmaid, now what? 5 tips on what a bridesmaid should do

October 3, 2017
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Congratulations you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid! A message, card, or gift has been opened and now begins this process of navigating and assisting the bride and celebrations. It’s exciting and happy, but it can also be a little confusing and daunting. Here are 5 tips that we think will help you on your bridesmaid journey.

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1.  Get to know the other bridesmaids

Usually there are more than one bridesmaids on the wedding party and it is important that everyone is working together. It’s always helpful for the bridesmaids to get to know each other and communicate frequently. Everyone is there for the bride and the purpose is to be there for her as she celebrates her special day. Having her bridesmaids get along and working together is crucial in being her support team and easing her stress.

2.  Stay organized

There will be meetings, fittings, parties, or other things going on throughout the planning process and for the day of the wedding. Stay organized by setting reminders so that you don’t miss any of the events. In addition, before the day of the wedding, have a look at the day of rundown, usually sent by the wedding planner or bride.  That way you will have an idea of what will be happening and you’ll be much more prepared to assist the bride.

3.  Help plan the bridal shower

Typically the role of planning the bridal shower is taken on by the maid of honour. However, the maid of honour has quite a lot to do and it is important that you offer to help the maid of honour. Work together with everyone on the party to distribute the task and stay organized to ensure a fun and memorable day for the bride!

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4.  Be there during the process

Planning a wedding is filled with a lot of work, emotion, and stress, even if they have a wedding planner. As a bridesmaid, be prepared to attend all pre wedding events and help out with whatever the bride needs help with. Sometimes it may not be things directly related to the wedding, but try to offer your help in any way you can to ease her stress. If you’re out of town, try to give as much moral support as possible – it is always needed!

5.  Your bridesmaid dress

Finding a bridesmaid dress that compliments everyone on the wedding party is no easy task. If the bride asks for your opinion, give your honest thoughts on it but don’t try to force your opinion and choice on her and be understanding of her choice. If it is a colour or dress design that you don’t like, try not to complain about it. You’ll only be wearing the dress for a few hours and it is a day about the bride and not the bridesmaids.  

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Hopefully you will find these tips helpful on this journey as you accompany the bride leading up to their day. But when it comes down to it, it is less about the tasks that you have to do but more about really listening to the bride and what she wants. Be there for her not only physically, but emotionally and you’re already off to a good start on being a bridesmaid.

The bride has chosen you because of who you are and the special role that only you could have played in her life. Being a part of the wedding is an honour and blessing, because you’ll have the privilege in supporting and celebrating alongside someone very special and important. Smile through the ups and downs and enjoy every moment.



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