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Fine Art Wedding Checklist

January 28, 2018
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Check… Check… Done!

To do lists, grocery lists, mental checklists… almost every day we are surrounded by various checklists. As our lives at home or at work gets busier, lists are used to stay on track and as reminders of things that needs to be done. As planners, we love using lists and excel documents to organize and track progress and set reminders. Most of the time, we like to have the lists on our phones or computer. But there is also a certain satisfaction when we have these checklists on paper and we get to check off or cross things off when we have completed them.

The importance of a checklist isn’t just for the daily things in our lives. When planning for something meaningful, and oftentimes far in advance, its easy to be caught up in the moment and forget about the smaller, but essential things. So we believe there should be a special checklist for planning events, parties, and especially a wedding.

I’m sure when you ask your married friends or look through Google, you will find a seemingly endless number of results for wedding checklists. Although all the checklists are created for the wedding planning process, everyone has a twist to it. Some have a different layout, others have different items or different times of when things needs to be completed. Some lists are in bright bold colours while others have interesting graphics to make the list a little bit less intimidating.

For us, we wanted to create a wedding checklist that is not only helpful, but also fits in with our style. So we have designed a Fine Art Wedding Checklist that includes the essential items that needs to be done when planning a wedding. We decided on this Fine Art Wedding style because we wanted something simple yet beautiful. A checklist that can be printed out and still blend in with what we find is Fine Art aesthetics and a style that we love.

If you are planning your wedding, or perhaps just interested in what we think is necessary during the wedding planning process, you can download our Fine Art Wedding Checklist here. It doesn’t matter if you’re just engaged and you don’t know where to begin in your planning process, or perhaps you’re just a few weeks away from your wedding. Wherever you are on this journey, we hope this list can help guide and prepare you to have the best possible day. As C.S Lewis one said “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

Photography: Chikae O.H.



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