Peace of Mind Portugal Coastal Wedding Inspiration – Behind the Scenes

March 1, 2018
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We are absolutely thrilled to have this featured on Magnolia Rouge. We had so much fun doing this shoot that we wanted to share a glimpse of the process of that day. From the stunning atelier to the breathtaking beach, here is a short video of the behind the scenes of “Peace of Mind” photoshoot.

Planning and creating a photo shoot halfway across the world was so surreal and exhilarating.  Juggling different time zones, different languages, and planning for a place that we weren’t familiar with had it challenges. But as challenges in life help to mold and shape us, this too gave us the chance to grow and thrive in this new environment.


Inspiration behind Peace of Mind

Photography:  Alexandra Vonk

As we were planning this shoot, we wanted to create something by the beautiful oceans of Portugal.  We understand that in the lives of those working in the wedding industry, things can get stressful, overwhelming, and difficult. Sometimes we long to escape to a quiet and tranquil place to let our thoughts flow. But we also understand that having a true peace of mind doesn’t mean the absence of all things difficult or disruptive. It is quite the opposite; it is having a sense of calm and assurance despite all the chaos.

We wanted to create a shoot that will illustrate what we think is the meaning of peace of mind and having that peace amidst the storm. We decided to create an overarching sense of peace by using the colours blue and grey. We chose to use various elements in juxtaposition with one another, as it is between peace and storm. The raw edges on the invitations, stationery and the branches was used to bring out natural and unprocessed elements. While the polished shells, soft silk ribbons, and elegant chairs were used to bring a touch of understated elegance.

To bring the outdoors inside, we chose to use salt and free flowing cloth on the table setting, reminiscent of the ocean and its waves. In the flower arrangement, both fresh and dried flowers were used to create a contrast between their colours and textures. Fresh colours with soft textures in contrast to the deeper hues and brittle structures tied together with long grey and blue silk ribbons.

A greyish blue wedding dress was chosen as opposed to a white one to compliment the colours by the coastline and the beach. While it has a delicate and intricate beaded bodice, the skirt of the dress is simple and perfect in creating a sense of movement and flow. By the coast, we wanted to capture the warm sunlight against the rocks and on the sand. The golden rays in contrast with the dark rocks and the waves rolling towards the shore creates this calming yet majestic ambience that is like the challenges we face in our lives.

As the sun shines peacefully in the sky, the waves in the ocean crashes against the rocks and sand with their thunderous presence. What seemingly is destructive is in fact polishing and smoothing to create beautiful things. Likewise, in our lives, if we take the waves of challenges with grace and a true peace of mind, it will polish, shine and make us even brighter than before.

It was such a honour and blessing to have worked with Cristina and the rest of the team for this shoot. After months of planning and preparing for this shoot, it was so rewarding to see everything come together and create such a beautiful shoot.

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.


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