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Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes

May 26, 2020
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Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes

Are you looking for some refreshing summer drink recipes? Summer is around the corner, and as usual our palates will change according to the weather and season. In the hot summer months, we prefer refreshing and lighter drinks compared to creamy and warm drinks from winter.

If you have been following our Instagram, you will know that a few weeks ago we created a series called “The Creatives’ Drink Series”. This series is where we created a special drink for a vendor that has been a big part of our journey. Not only are they talented vendors, they are also mothers and incredible women.

There were many requests and love for the drinks so we would love to share the inspiration and recipes for the drinks.

We have prepared a beautiful recipe guide for the five drinks. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download.

The Creatives’ Drink Series


Cucumber and Mint Drink

We created this drink for Alexandra Vonk, a photographer based in the Netherlands. We met her in 2017 to do our first every styled shoot as Honour and Blessing Events and it was in Portugal!

From the beginning she has been very supportive of us and we are so thankful to have met her. We know she loves mint tea and she is always extremely quick with responses that we sometimes wonder if she ever sleeps.

So for Alexandra, we created this refreshing drink. It contains cucumber, lime, mint, and we named it Seventeen. 

Seventeen for 2017 when we met and when it all began.

Sunny Side Up

Mango and yogurt drink.

This drink was created for Nadia Hung, a photographer who is based in Vancouver. We worked with Nadia even before we officially started Honour and Blessing Events. From the beginning until now, she has always been so supportive and encouraging. 

We know she loves mango and tea, and we wanted to create a drink that we think she will enjoy.  

We created this fruity drink with a touch of creaminess and an underlying tea fragrance that lingers. It contains mango, yakult, and white tea. 

This one is named Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side up for the way the drink looks, but it also reflects our friendship where it’s always bright, sunny, and happy.

Summer Afternoon

Lavender and asian pear juice drink

This drink was created for Amy, Garden Party Flowers, a florist based in Vancouver. From the first time we met Amy, she’s been sweet, warm, and supportive.

Both her and her team are so kind and have such welcoming hearts. She is very giving and warm, and we are always thankful for all she does for us.

We wanted to create a drink for her that has a floral touch with a delicately sweet flavour like her beautiful flowers. This drink contains lavender and Asian Pears. 

This is named Summer Afternoon, like the summer afternoon with it’s beautiful colours and flowers. But also for the warm feelings we get whenever we see her.

Sunrise Sunset

Refreshing orange granita and grapefruit drink

This drink was created for Jen Huang, a photographer based in California. We’ve always wanted to work with her, and we finally had the chance in 2019 and became good friends. 

She is a master of light and film so we wanted to create a drink that is inspired by light and ambiance. This drink has grapefruit, orange, and sparkling water. 

We have named this drink Sunrise, Sunset. Inspired by the colours of the sun, but also Jen’s amazing talent at capturing everything from sunrise to sunset. It’s also fitting as this is the name of a wedding song in a famous musical!

Swan Lake

Blueberry and elderflower drink

This drink was created for Cristina Macedo, a stylist and designer based in Portugal. From the first time we met her, to doing a shoot together and until today, she has been so gracious and supportive. 

She is extremely talented in all that she does and her heart is so humble, warm, and loving. Her love for weddings and ability to create is something we will always continue to learn from. 

We wanted to create something classic, modern, yet magical… just like the work that she does. We chose black goji berries for it’s uniqueness and colour, elderflower tonic for its sweetness and effervescence, and finished with blueberries as we know she loves them. 

We have named this drink Swan Lake for the ‘magic’ that happens in this drink, but also for Cristina’s amazing talent in making all her weddings and work so whimsical and romantic.

Served with joy and love

Lavender and asian pear styled

We had so much fun creating this drinks for these vendors who have brought so much joy and love as we continue to grow. To see some of our work together, click here.

We look forward to seeing you try out the drinks ! Remember to tag us on Instagram (@honourandblessing) so we can see and share it.

Recipe download link below.

Note:  All photographs, unless specified are captured by Honour and Blessing Events.


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