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YouTube videos to help you relax and unwind

June 30, 2020
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Relaxed and calm woman unwinding under the clouds
Photography: Nadia Hung Photography

It’s a long and busy day, and maybe you are looking for some videos to help you relax and unwind. Just like you, many of our couples are busy professionals. Everyone working long hours and days, putting their full energy into their work and what they do. As wedding planners, it is our goal to take the stress from our couples when they plan their wedding.

Creating in new ways

This year, as we are faced with different external changes, we started producing content on Instagram during our stay home days. It is definitely a year that has changed the way we see things and the way we live one way or another.

For one thing, our wedding season has changed in so many ways with weddings being postponed and others downsizing their wedding  to accommodate the new restrictions. But with the limitations in the work we are able to do, we have found another outlet for us to continue to create.   

Relaxing videos to help you unnwind

Relaxing YouTube Channel

We have shared with you previously how we were creating drinks to share with our Instagram viewers and how much we enjoyed doing that. We shared a recipe for our waterfall matcha latte, and created a recipe book with drinks we designed specifically for wedding creatives that you can find here. And now, as we would like to continue in this new outlet of creativity, we have decided to start a Youtube channel!

Many times when we are styling or designing for our couples, we like to incorporate different elements to give a deeper meaning or make things more interesting. One of the things we like to use is food. Whether it’s fruits, drinks, or something else that is edible, we find it makes the overall styling more interesting and sometimes unexpected. As you may know already, food is a big part of our life and baking is something I like to do whenever I have time. So it makes a lot of sense for us to continue our creativity in the realm of food and drinks. 

Relaxing videos to help you unwind

With an aesthetic and style that is Honour and Blessing, we have decided to start a channel with the goal of creating relaxing and soothing content for our couples and viewers who would like a place to unwind from the busy metropolitan lifestyle.

You can expect to see videos with an overall relaxing atmosphere with a clean and minimalistic style. We have designed the videos to be short  so that they can be easily watched when you want to have a breather in the middle of the day. But they are also a good way for you to unwind at the end of the day. Maybe you would like to watch just one video for a brief moment of downtime, or perhaps you would like to binge watch all the videos; regardless, we hope it will be calming and soothing.  

If you haven’t already, come and see us over at Honour and Blessing Cafe. We would love to connect with you over there! 


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