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Hair and Makeup Styles for Qipao

September 1, 2020
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Hair and makeup style for qipao
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

If you are planning to have a tea ceremony for your wedding or incorporating some Chinese traditions at Modern Chinese wedding, you will probably consider wearing a qipao and have hair and makeup styles that go with this traditional dress.

We have interviewed renowned makeup artist Chiali Meng for her insights on what will work best if you are planning to wear a qipao for your wedding.

As shared by Chaili Meng, when thinking of hair and makeup styles for the modern Chinese bride, “the challenge of creating a look that goes with a qipao is balancing the traditional look and making her brides look au currant and chic seamlessly. 

Hair styles for qipao

Modern Chinese Bride Side Profile Hairstyle
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Modern Chinese Bride Braids Low Bun
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Bridal Hairstyle Braided
Photography: Liz Andolina Photography
Bridal Hairstyle Low Bun
Photography: Luna De Mare Photo

The qipao has a high, mandarin collar design which typically calls for an updo. I tend to choose a low updo that’s airy and romantic, so my brides don’t look overly mature or old fashioned.  For the brides that choose a qipao with a modern design that are not as ornate, they can choose a clean and more elegant updo.

What brides ought to consider when choosing their bridal hairdo is whether or not it will go together with their western wedding dress, for their ceremony after the tea ceremony.

Tip: My advice is that if time is an issue, choose a style that’s versatile for both outfits. If there are no time constraints,  a 45 minute-1 hour time should be allotted for a hair-makeup look change after the tea ceremony. 

Makeup for qipao

Modern Chinese Bridal Makeup for Qipao
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Modern Chinese Bride in QiPao
Photography: Jen Huang Photo

The makeup can be tailored to the bride’s preference, or to what is currently trendy and suitable. Contrary to what most brides believe, red lipstick is not a must when wearing a qipao. A nude or pink lipstick can look just as beautiful and appropriate. 

Communicating with your bridal artist about the overall look that you would like to achieve and scheduling a trial is an absolute necessity to look your best.” 

As planners, we would recommend discussing with your make up artist and hair stylist during your trial to see what looks best for your attire throughout the day. A huge thank you again to Chiali for providing such wonderful tips and inspirations for the modern Chinese bride!


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