Sea to Sky Gondola Elopement

November 23, 2020
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Trends come and go, many things keep changing in this world, and even words and their meaning are not exempt from this. In recent years, perhaps you have heard the word elope being used more frequently and no longer with a negative connotation. While it once meant to get married secretly to avoid objections, it is now used for any small destination wedding. Although the meaning might have changed, there is one thing that seems to still hold true to this word, which is to escape. 

Whether it is to escape the expectations of having a big wedding, or just wanting to escape to a different place to get married, what is a better place than to go to a place where it feels free and the scenery is breathtaking? For us, to find this place in Vancouver was quite easy.

A place where the majestic mountains harmonize with the delicate clouds, and where the sea meets the sky; the Sea to Sky Gondola. We are also honoured that this elopement is featured on the cover of Rocky Mountain Bride’s Whistler Issue.

Bride standing at sea to sky gondola

Design and Concept for Elopement

For us designing and creating an elopement or a wedding at the Sea to Sky Gondola meant to focus on what is already there.  The location is so breathtakingly beautiful, we didn’t want to add too many other things to the natural beauty. From the colour palette to the floral arrangement, we wanted it to complement the surroundings while creating something dreamy and gives the feeling of being free. 

We drew inspirations from the clouds that float in the sky and created our own floral clouds to bring that romantic and soft touch. We wanted to create a picture where it is as if our couple is sitting on a cloud in a world of their own, basking in the sunshine of their love.

With a soft billowy dress in a light shade of grey, it brings to life the light and airy feeling of being on top of the mountain. While the elopement is a private and cherished time between the two, there is also a celebratory aspect for this and so we created an elopement announcement with a sketch of the Sea to Sky area.

Bride holding a bouquet and looking at groom

Bride in grey gown holding out her gown

Couple portrait at sea to sky gondola
Bride in grey gown at sea to sky gondola

Bride and groom facing each other holding hands

Romantic kiss of a couple's kiss under the veil

Couple kissing in front of floral cloud installation

Bride resting on the bench dreaming

Groom buttoning his light blue suit

Couple seated with sea to sky backdrop

Couple admiring the sea to sky view

We're married card with sketch of sea to sky gondola

Sea to Sky Gondola Celebration

Times may change many things, but the beauty in nature is one that will always bring a sense of wonder and admiration. If you are planning to have nature as your ceremony backdrop or perhaps you are thinking of having a Sea to Sky Gondola wedding, we hope this will provide some inspiration for your own celebration. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about having your wedding at Sea to Sky Gondola.

Vendor Credits

Photography: Nadia Hung Photography
Florals: Garden Party Flowers
Gown: Hannah Tikkanen
Makeup and Hair: Carol Hung Makeup
Stationery: Maurelle Calligraphy

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