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Festive Winter Drinks

December 17, 2020
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Honour and Blessing X Tealeaves Co.

As winter and all the festivities are approaching, it’s time to enjoy some warm winter drinks. Tealeaves Co. has been a tea blender for Michelin chefs and 5 star hotels and we are so honoured to collaborate with them to create three drinks with their holiday blends!

This year we started Honour and Blessing Cafe, a Youtube channel with a focus on creating beautiful cafe drinks in a home cafe setting. As food and drink is one of our creative outlets, we had an amazing time experimenting with Tea Leaves’ holiday blends and creating these drinks.

Tea Leaves tin cans for winter drinks

Festive Holiday Drinks

1. Gingerbread Fog

Warm and slightly spicy notes from the gingerbread, soft and delicate milk foam. This is a spin on the popular London Fog using Tealeaves’ holiday Gingerbread Cookie black tea.

2. Chocolate Peppermint Decadence

Using Tealeaves’ holiday edition Chocolate Peppermint Truffle tea, add in the creaminess from real chocolate and milk, this is a decadent drink that is perfect for a winter escape. 

3. Sugar Plum Dream

A drink made with rooibos tea and covered with a fluffy blanket of infused cream. Curl up in bed with this drink in hand and you’ll soon be drifting into dreamland where the Sugar Plum Fairy dances.   

Using Tealeaves’ holiday edition Sugar Plum Fairy tea, with some brightness berry flavours, creaminess from real chocolate and cream,  this is a warm drink that hugs you in all the right places. 

Winter Drink Recipes

Which is your favorite out of the three festive winter drinks? We have put together the recipes of these three drinks so that you can create them at home. Download these free recipes at the link below!


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